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In a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer of Bihar, the EC has cited past experience to say ‘in spite of specific instructions’ while some voting compartments made of cardboards are not of sufficient height, in others cloth used is of ‘poor quality’ and transparent.

“In some instances, flimsy material like dhoti, lungi, saree, gunny bags have been used to make voting compartment. In such cases, the secrecy of voting could have been compromised,” the poll watchdog said recently. The Commission said the compartment should be made using opaque cardboard of reusable flexiboard with ‘voting compartment’ and symbol of EC printed on three sides.

The compartment should neither be near a door nor a window as it could mean compromising the secrecy of vote. It cited the table on which the balloting unit is placed in the compartment should be 2.5 feet tall to ensure that voters do not have problem registering their vote.  http://post.jagran.com/Bihar-polls-EC-directs-not-to-use-flimsy-materials-1443427187

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